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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to mimic human behavior (learning, reasoning, and self-correction) and to solve problems, finding a better and faster way to do so. AI is a machine that performs tasks involving a certain degree of intelligence that were previously considered to be performed only by human beings.

Artificial intelligence is a subdiscipline in the field of information technology, which seeks to create machines that can mimic intelligent behavior. It is not cognitive behavior, but rather that movements of robotic instruments can be programmed to constantly perform the same movement. It seeks to develop IT systems that are capable of performing tasks that generally require human intelligence.

Machine Learning is automatic learning that seeks to teach machines the capacities to automate processes, without having been programmed, i.e. that the systems be able to identify patterns. It would mean programming a machine to learn how to move by its own means.

This is used for search engines, recommendations or intelligent answers. It is a discipline of data science that uses machine learning algorithms to make predictions or identify patterns in a large amount of data.

Deep Learning means deepening machine learning. It is based on neural networks, which use more complex algorithms to approximate the functioning of neurons and the human brain.

How are companies using this technology?

  • Search and Explore page: earching tools analyze the data by suggesting the data the user is interested in.
  • Combat harassment and abusive content: Users can identify spam and report it, and the Instagram team can remove comments that violate community guidelines.
  • The home screen uses the BaRT system, so that the user can see preferences.
  • The summary of the year with the most listened songs, favorite artists.
  • Facial recognition in the photos we post on Facebook is another of the applications of #Artificial Intelligence that we frequently use . This is one of the algorithms that Facebook has perfected in recent years, being considered one of the best in this area.
  • By simply posting a photo on the platform, the model performs a scan of it and, comparing it with the data it has stored, it can relate the names of each of the people in the photo.
  • This algorithm has been refined over time; when it began to be implemented, we could see that sometimes it was wrongin determining who was who, but nowadays it happens less and less so the algorithm has been improving its learning.
  • The algorithm learns both from the movies watched, the movies we stopped watching, the ones we includein our viewing list, as well as whether we use a cell phone, a tablet or a screen, and much more information that is used to make the best recommendations for each of the users.
  • Movie recommendation.
  • Personalization of movie images.
  • Streaming quality.

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