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Internet of Things (IOT)

It enables multidirectional communication among machines, persons and products, improving decision-making based on the information that technology gathers from the environment.

The aim of the Internet Of Things is to connect physical objects and reality with the Internet and cloud apps to make life easier at a personal and professional level. It makes communication among processes, things and persons possible.

The respective tasks are automated at a great scale in the administrative area of companies. Nowadays, they are simple tasks but, as time goes by, thanks to artificial intelligence, activities will become more complex.

The Internet Of Things intends to make digital and physical means meet, merging into one world. This is possible thanks to the possibility to communicate one device with others, the cloud and data centers. The Internet can be added to objects aiming at merging digital environments with everyday devices, using connectivity to make
devices more efficient or receive complementary features.

The Internet Of Things describes the network of physical objects (“things”) which incorporate sensors, software and other technologies with the aim to connect and interchange data with other devices and systems through the Internet. These devices vary from common household objects to sophisticated industrial tools.

What industries can benefit from IOT?

  • Manufacturing. All type of manufacturing process can be connected and form part of the Internet Of Things.
  • Construction. Sensored and connected machinery to analyze in real time its fuel, state of conservation, etc.

How do companies use this technology?

  • In Disney, Orlando, the MagicBand was incorporated. It is a wristband which enables users to maximize their experience within the park. We can pay all over the park, access attractions without queuing, locate our relatives, receive photographs in our phones and obtain surprises along the park, among other things.
  • Samsung uses the Internet in their Smart TVs to transmit information to Samsung so as to be analyzed and to activate voice recognition interactive functions of the tv.

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