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Digital fingerprint

Nowadays, the development of new information and communication technology - ICT- enables the user to have great access to an enormous amount of data. Anybody can enjoy that access, from a particular person to a company and not necessarily for the same purpose. ​

Our online activity provides companies and advertisers with vital information about us, our preferences, our family relations and our identity which we cannot even imagine, since the data obtained this way are enormous.

There is a lot of confusion when we talk about “digital fingerprint”. It can be approached from two different angles. The first one consists of the traces of identity which users leave on the internet and digital devices. The second one, regarding the use of fingerprints in verification devices and identity authentication.

How to use digital fingerprints

  • In Marketing, they are used to know customers’ taste and preferences and be able to offer what they want. For instance, if you have been about to complete a purchase on a store, or you have shown interest in a particular content, it is highly probable that publicity related to these online movements will appear.
  • Big Data: digital fingerprints generate vast amounts of data. For this reason, companies and stores use data to identify interests, preferences and discover what people desire. 

Digital fingerprints benefits:

  • Fingerprints never change: It is an attractive and reliable way to personally identify an individual. 
  • Access specific areas: They are useful to access an area or installment, to use an ATM or a credit card in a store.

How do companies use this technology?

New phones use biometric information -fingerprints as well as face ID- to unblock the phone, download apps. Moreover, the apps save passwords and you access them by fingerprints.

Besides, they use the fingerprints that users leave on the Internet so that they are shown publicity of the product they were looking at. 

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