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What we do

We are a global company that partners whit leaders who shape the future in order to deploy a strategic and transformational agenda.

FMCG | Strategy

Digital Ecosystem & New D2C

Direct to consumer platforms exponentially gained momentum since the pandemic. In Mexico, we partner the Coca-Cola en tu Hogar team with the aim to revisit and implement its digital strategy. Main objective was to attract new consumers & earn their loyalty while aligning internal key stakeholders through a bulletproof strategy and execution plan.

Main Outcome

  • Strategic framework, with clear priorities and targets. Compelling executive narrative for the top management.

  • Operational and financial building blocks with the contribution to grow of each priority & plan.

  • OKRs definition and execution guidelines throughout the implementation phase.

FMCG | Strategy

Category Long Range Plan

We partnered with Global Hydration team, which includes the Water, Sport Drinks, Tea and Coffee categories to bring a fresh perspective on how to execute and win, securing long term business objectives. Main objective was to evolve strategic priorities, build alignment with key stakeholders and secure focus on execution levers.

Main Outcome

  • White paper with the 3Y strategy and the execution priorities. Integration with diverse areas (finance, commercial, innovation, etc) to build a common vision.

  • A compelling narrative for each category's strategy; understanding the opportunity, competitive dynamic, enablers and requirements. 

  • Market opportunity assessment with the roadmap to play and the right portfolio/innovation pipeline for each.

FMCG | Culture

Digital Transformation Summit

We delivered compelling narrative as well as the supporting toolkit for the ”Future Growth Leadership Summit” for The Coca-Cola Company meeting in Colorado with CEO and top 250 executives. We galvanized the audience around the need to evolve and accelerate the transformation agenda, focusing on their eB2B initiatives and inspiring them with the work done with B2C.

Main Outcome

  • Storytelling and Narrative for the Summit including presentation and engaging videos.

  • Experiential activation idea with focus on immersive experience.

  • Coordination and integrations with several agencies involved.

FMCG | Marketing & Commercial

New Brand and Portfolio Strategy

Plant based beverages has rapidly become a significant profit pool driven by increasing consumer preference. We partner a top Brand at global level to evolve their current strategy, disrupt the category and become leaders. They needed to land a strategic framework and an holistic partner, to articulate a 360 transformation journey including consumer connection, supply, go to market and portfolio.

Main Outcome

  • Strategic framework to articulate key priorities.Support as PMO for the project during implementation pase.

  • Portfolio of the future design: Innovation pipeline and new products (Latam and Europe) and portfolio strategy (Africa).

  • Integration of several agencies with focus on trade marketing, digital and media.

Competitive position

FMCG | Marketing & Commercial

Strengthening the competitive position in an inflationary scenario

Our client is one of the largest companies in the consumer goods industry in Peru, holding a significant market share. The #1 category in terms of Revenues, Profit and volume was struggling due to price competitiveness in an unprecedented inflationary context.

Main Outcome

  • Understand and clarify competitive scenarios, including industry insights and competitive intelligence.

  • Build and recommend the price strategy with a 360 approach (price, brand, package, channel, occasion)

  • Strengthen portfolio strategy by clarifying a dual brand strategy.

  • Develop an execution comprehensive roadmap

  • Build a narrative to engage leadership toward implementation.

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