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Advanced Speed Analytics (ASA)

Advanced Analytics is a comprehensive set of analytical techniques and methods (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligence, among others) which enables a better predictive analysis and provides information on the change while it is happening, providing a wider view which enables organizations to develop better responses and take action based on more accurate forecast and plans.

Advanced analytics enables companies to optimize their operations and innovate to obtain a competitive advantage. With better client analysis, predictive analytics and statistical modeling, advanced analytics helps companies to improve their decision-making process while keeping up with extremely competitive and changing markets.

When traditional tools of analysis and BI fail, advanced analytics keeps companies on a path towards future success.

Classification according to its methods

The following skills are included within advanced analytics:
  • Predictive analytics: It is used to make predictions of the future business results based on the historical data and using statistical models (regression models) and Machine Learning techniques (ML).
  • Machine Learning: Machine Learning algorithms obtain information of data to produce detailed models which can identify complex patterns and make accurate forecasts. They adapt well to use cases like microsegmentation, personalization, root cause analysis of complex processes, fraud detection and loss of customers.

ASA Benefits:

  • Future prediction.
  • Risk reduction.

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